1:34 pm
Thu April 10, 2014

MSU legal scholars argue student-athletes are employees

Michigan State University President Lou Anna K. Simon co-authored an Op-ed in the Wall Street Journal this week against unionizing college athletes.
Credit Flickr - Rich Renomeron

Late last month the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled that football players at Northwestern University qualify as employees under federal law and can therefore unionize. The decision has been divisive. While some applaud the move to provide players with more rights and financial compensation, others fear that the collegiate athletic system will be destroyed by the move.

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12:49 pm
Tue March 11, 2014

Michigan business group says state gains from higher ed reinvestment

According to Doug Rothwell, college education is needed now more than ever before, but it needs to be affordable.
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After years of controversial cuts to higher education, Michigan has begun reinvesting in its colleges and universities. Last month, Governor Rick Snyder proposed a 6.1 percent spending hike for Michigan’s 15 state-funded colleges and universities. Higher education officials applauded the move, which would be contingent on universities limiting tuition increases.

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Radio Made in Michigan
4:56 pm
Wed March 20, 2013

Legislature set to cut state revenue to universities over new worker contracts

In reaction to the provision, Wayne State University issued a press release which calls the legislation “punishment” for a proposed contract within the legal requirements of Michigan’s Right to Work law.
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 Yesterday the House Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee proposed a plan that would cut state revenue to universities that approve new long-term contracts with faculty unions. Several schools including the University of Michigan and Wayne State University have been pursuing the new contracts to delay the impact of Michigan’s new Right to Work law, which is set to take effect next week.

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Radio Made in Michigan
5:18 pm
Tue March 19, 2013

State Representative Sam Singh on latest issues before state government

State Representative Sam Singh with Current State host Mark Bashore.
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Democratic State Representative Sam Singh of East Lansing sits on the House appropriations committee and education appropriation subcommittees.  We welcome the first-termer back to Current State to get his thoughts on what’s happening at the state capitol, including a last-minute bill that would make major cuts to universities that do not meet the new union contract rules.

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Radio Made in Michigan
5:31 pm
Tue January 29, 2013

Current State #12 | January 29, 2013

For every dollar the state invested in Michigan's three major public universities -- Michigan, Wayne State and Michigan State (above) -- the economy received $17 in return, a recent URC study shows.
Credit Courtesy of Michigan State University

Today on Current State: Coverage of Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero's "State of the City" address, a tour of the R.E. Olds Transportation Museum, MIRS' Craig Mauger discusses his lengthy interview with House Speaker Jase Bolger, and the economic impact of Michigan's public universities.

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6:21 pm
Mon June 25, 2012

MI Colleges, Universities Getting $300M for Projects

WKAR file photo

Gov. Rick Snyder has signed a bill investing more than $300 million in infrastructure projects at Michigan's colleges and universities.

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