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Curious Crew: Chemical Reactions

Color-changing breath, chemical goo and elephant toothpaste? Explore chemical reactions and discover how hydrogen molecules break and fuse to create new compounds as evidenced by color changes, released gases, the emission of heat or light, or an altered state of matter.
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Current State Features

Lansing parklet photo
Kevin Lavery / WKAR

For two days, Lansing turns parking spaces into playgrounds

Cities large and small are always looking for ways to make the most of their green spaces. That’s especially true in downtown business districts that are designed for cars and trucks. Current State’s Kevin Lavery reports on how Lansing is trying to re-envision city life in the shadow of the Capitol dome.
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AHEAD: Off the Record | July 31, 2015 | #4505

59 seconds ago

AHEAD: The panel discusses the unions taking a hit at the state Supreme Court.  The guest is Craig DeRoche, the Executive Director of the Justice Fellowship.  Kathy Gray Emily Lawler and Bill Ballenger join senior capitol correspondent Tim Skubick.

Current Sports #521 | July 30, 2015

16 hours ago

David Price Trade, Big Ten Media Day, Current State Special, Scott Pohl, James Moore and Throwback Thursday'.

Current State #582 | July 30, 2015

20 hours ago

Today on Current State: Lansing School Board President Peter Spadafore on transportation costs; Lansing's temporary "parklets"; a review of "The Given World" by Marian Palaia; the Isle Royale wolf population; and a new book on the history of Meridian Township.

Summer books usually bring to mind lighter fare. A page turning mystery or a paperback romance, maybe. But for those who don’t mind a heavier read this summer, our book reviewer Scott D. Southard gives us his take on "The Given World" by Marian Palaia.

Roller coasters by the lake. Summer homes and resort hotels on the shore. If you’re picturing Cedar Point in Ohio, guess again. This was Haslett, Michigan more than 100 years ago. Current State examines the early days of Meridian Township with Jane Rose, executive director of the Meridian Historical Village and author of "Meridian Township."

Current Sports #520 | July 29, 2015

Jul 29, 2015

Tom Brady's Suspension, Deflategate, Bob Every, Greater Lansing Sports Hall of Fame, Le'Veon Bell and Michigan Legends Jerseys.

Current State #581 | July 29, 2015

Jul 29, 2015

Today on Current State: MLive reporter Jonathan Oosting updates the various marijuana campaigns in Michigan; Lansing's newest venue, The Robin Theatre in REO Town; the Michigan National Guard trains for active shooter incidents; Current State's new "Hear, Here" project; and Neighbors in Action: The Firecracker Foundation.

The murders of five military personnel in Chattanooga earlier this month is prompting the Michigan National Guard to update its “active shooter” training. Current State’s Kevin Lavery talks with the guard’s lead trainer, Sergeant First Class Shawn Menard.

Current State is starting a new project, and you can help! Use your voice recording app to send us the sounds of Mid-Michigan.

On this week’s Neighbors in Action segment, Current State catches up with Tashmica Torok, founder of The Firecracker Foundation. The non-profit helps children who have been the victims of sexual abuse find treatment and support and is celebrating its second anniversary this week.


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