Lifestyle & Recreation
1:19 pm
Fri May 23, 2014

'Oddball Michigan': Tridges, concrete kitsch, and trees from space

"Oddball Michigan: A Guide to 450 Really Strange Places" is a recently published book which seeks to catalog all of the oddball tourist destinations throughout our state, and there are plenty of them.

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Arts & Culture
12:43 pm
Tue March 11, 2014

Michigan artist stresses imagery as catalyst for communication

Ana Luisa Cardona says that the basic standards of art education should mimic the creative process, including create, perform, and respond.
Credit courtesy of Ana Luisa Cardona

MSU Global is featuring the photography of Ana Luisa Cardona, a Michigan-based artist. Part of the exhibit features an exploration in visual communication between her and the late Bay Area artist and photographer, Daniel del Solar.

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Arts & Culture
1:39 pm
Tue March 4, 2014

Exploring the magic of the Great Lakes through personal stories

Walter Blake Knoblock says that he chose to center his project around the Great Lakes because there is nothing quite like them in the world and everyone can relate to stories about the lakes.
Credit Flickr - terrydu

Most people who live in the Mitten State have fond memories of time spent at one of the Great Lakes. Those memories are what fuel The Great Lakes Book Project. The book captures over 20 personal stories about life along the shoreline, exploring the powerful bond people across the region and the world have with the Great Lakes. Current State's Emanuele Berry speaks with the books publisher and editor Walter Blake Knoblock.

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