It’s the first week of June, soon school will be out of session, and the beaches are beckoning. Michigan is expecting a strong summer tourism season in 2015, as families plan trips to all manner of destinations across the Great Lakes State.

The next election in Lansing is not until August, but city officials always want to instill the importance of voting in their citizens. Tomorrow, they’ll try a fun new approach. During Lansing’s annual Be A Tourist in Your Own Town event, the Lansing city clerk’s office will set up three polling sites for people of all ages to cast their votes on some pressing issues such as chocolate, vanilla or strawberry?

Throughout the Great Lakes region there are many wonderful biking, hiking and kayaking trails. Imagine if all these pathways were connected into a giant international trekking system, a Great Lakes Coastal Trail.

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Michigan had one of the most brutal winters it has ever seen, and unfortunately its impacts are still lingering.  As people begin to plan their summer travels, there may be some residual effects from this winter.

Close encounters of the Airstream kind in Eaton Rapids

Oct 11, 2013
WKAR/Scott Pohl

Recreational vehicles come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, but of all the RV’s out there, none is as easily recognizable as the Airstream. Always metallic silver, an Airstream looks a lot like an airplane without wings.

Airstream lovers from across the country are converging on Eaton Rapids for a weekend gathering called Urban Air. Main Street will be filled with Airstreams, and visitors will be able to check them out and meet their owners.