Technical notices and help about WKAR services

TECHNOTE: TV and FM broadcast reception

16 hours ago
Milestone! Sunday, May 20, the new antenna is raised and mounted on top of the tower.
photo: Rick Thomas / WKAR Illustration

TUESDAY 5/29/18 is the target date for WKAR TV to return to full power broadcasting, on the new channel. 90.5 FM will go to full power 1-2 days after that. Technical complications and additional weather delays could move that date. Please check this page daily for updates. | About this project

UPDATE: 5/24/18 3:10pm: 90.5 FM returned to full power at 3:05pm today. TV will go back on the air at reduced power when tower work finishes for the day.

UPDATE 5/24/18, 7:35am: TV and 105.1 FM will be off the air for portions of the day today. The projected date to rescan TVs is Tue. 5/29.

Winds permitting, today's work includes removing the gin pole from the tower, lowering the rigging to a position below the FM antenna, and installing the new TV standby antenna.

Workers on the tower.
Rick Thomas / WKAR-MSU

As you’ve probably noticed, our radio signal has been a lot harder to tune in recently. So we sought out some answers. 

illustration / WKAR-MSU

If you are one of the many Michigan capital region viewers who rely on an antenna to watch free, over-the-air television, this information is for you.

Gary Blievernicht photo with new WKAR-TV transmitters
Scott Pohl / WKAR-MSU

In a couple of weeks, television viewers who use an over-the-air antenna to watch WKAR-TV will need to re-scan their equipment in order to continue watching.

ice on antenna
Gary Blievernicht / WKAR-MSU

UPDATE: 90.5 returned to full power at 5:32p on Thursday. 4/19

Mon. Feb. 26, 2018: WKAR 94.5 FM goes off the air today. 'Round-the-clock news continues on AM870 and Coming soon – the new WKAR NewsTalk at 105.1 FM.

TECHNOTE: AM870 Maintenance 8am Aug. 1

Jul 31, 2017

UPDATE 8:10 A.M.: WKAR-AM 870 returned to the air by 8:07 a.m. 8/1/17.

TECHNOTE: HD radio service discontinued

Jun 30, 2017

WKAR radio’s HD service has been discontinued as of June 30, 2017.

If you receive WKAR-TV over the air via antenna and have lost channels 23.1, 23.2 and 23.3, please rescan for channels on your TV. After a rescan, WKAR TV channels should return.

Wed. 5/4/16 3:30pm. For the past several days, WKAR-FM HD signals have been experiencing intermittent outages.

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TechNote: WKAR Online Streams are Restored

Oct 28, 2014

UPDATE 7:15pm Online streams have been restored

7pm Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014 |  All WKAR online listening streams are currently down.

UPDATE: Fri. Feb. 14, 8:47am | WKAR-AM is back on the air at full power. 

UPDATE Saturday 5:55pm: With Saturday's warmer temperatures clearing ice from the broadcast antenna, 90.5 FM returned to full power at about 5:30pm.

MONDAY 10:30am: 90.5 FM WKAR is operating at reduced power (approximately 32%) due to icing on the antenna.  Over-the-air reception may be poor for some listeners. Online listening will not be affected.

UPDATE: (Tue. Dec. 24 2:50pm): Playlists for 90.5 WKAR are now available from links within the 90.5 WKAR Schedule, and also at the new page for Classical on 90.5

UPDATE: (Tue. Dec. 24 8:50am): The team at NPR Digital Services resolved issues in the system Monday evening, and the WKAR team is working now on getting the correct schedule and playlist information into place.