Michigan environment

Isle Royale sign photo
Joe Ross / Flickr Creative Commons

Should Isle Royale replenish wolf population? The future of the wolves of Isle Royale National Park is in question. Current State's Melissa Benmark talks with biologist Rolf Peterson.

Satellite image of Great Lakes
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / Flickr Creative Commons

Current State checks in with Great Lakes commentator Gary Wilson about July’s biggest environmental stories from around the basin, including algae blooms, nuclear waste, and oil pipelines.

Environmental Canine Services logo
Courtesy Environmental Canine Services

Environmental Canine Services is a six-year-old Michigan company that uses dogs to find pollution in water.

EL greening up its recycling effort

Jul 8, 2015
East Lansing recycling photo
Courtesy city of East Lansing

East Lansing's recycling program is undergoing a transformation this summer. Current State gets details from Public Works and Environmental Services administrator Cathy DeShambo.

Goats photo
Courtesy Ottawa County Parks

West Michigan parks get some help from roaming goats to keep invasive plants under control.