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By virtually all accounts, the roll out of the Affordable Care Act has been shaky at best. The website,, was virtually unusable for October and into November. But lately, reports are showing that the website’s improved considerably and, correspondingly, the number of people signing up for the health care exchanges is growing.

Governor Rick Snyder's administration is asking lawmakers to quickly authorize spending $31 million to help run an online marketplace where hundreds of thousands of people can start shopping for health insurance later this year.

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Some state lawmakers say they hope to pass an overhaul of Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Michigan after dropping some controversial abortion language.

Judge Halts Contraceptive Mandate For Mich. Firm

Jan 1, 2013
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A federal judge has ruled a property management company owned by the founder of Domino's Pizza doesn't have to immediately implement mandatory contraception coverage in the health care law.

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Governor Rick Snyder has vetoed an overhaul of Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Michigan because the legislation would require insurance companies to offer separate coverage for abortions. But he signed new regulations on clinics that perform abortions that could force some of them to shut down.

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Patients might have to pay out of their own pockets for medical marijuana if lawmakers pass two bills in the state House.  

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The Legislature is wrapping up the first week of its “lame duck” session with lots of things to do –  but everyone is wondering if Republicans intend to put “right-to-work” legislation on their end-of-the-year to-do list.   

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Michigan is unlikely to meet a Friday deadline to tell the Obama administration if it will create a statewide online exchange for people to shop for health insurance.  

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Legislation to overhaul Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan easily passed the state Senate Wednesday.

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A state Senate committee began its examination Wednesday of a proposed overhaul of Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Michigan.

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Governor Rick Snyder has called for some big changes for Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Michigan. He says Blue Cross should become a not-for-profit company that pays taxes and competes with other insurance companies.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's administration declared this week the state has run out of time to create an online health exchange and must take a back seat to a federally run program.

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The Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled unconstitutional a state law forcing school employees to pay 3% of their salary toward retiree health care.

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Another day of hearings by two state House committees have wrapped up on Michigan’s next step now that the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the federal healthcare law. Michigan is facing some deadlines to move ahead with an online exchange for people to shop for health coverage.

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State House members held a hearing Wednesday on a federal law requiring states to set up a website to help people buy health insurance. The mandate is part of the Affordable Care Act.