11:43 am
Tue January 20, 2015

Are prescription drugs harming Great Lakes fish?

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee professor Rebecca Klaper

Lots of things end up in Great Lakes that shouldn’t be there. Plastic bottles and microbeads, fertilizer runoff from farm fields, and invasive species are only a few. Now, add to that list prescription drugs. Researchers are increasingly worried about how chemicals from prescription medication could be impacting aquatic wildlife.

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11:13 am
Thu October 30, 2014

Fifty years of salmon in Michigan

MSU Project FISH coordinator Mark Stephens

Fall on Michigan’s waterways means it’s time for the salmon to spawn. Salmon can be found in many places, including the Red Cedar River and the Grand River.

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Radio Made in Michigan
1:23 pm
Sat June 14, 2014

LISTEN NOW: Grand American Fish Rodeo

Credit courtesy

Current State broadcast live on Saturday, June 14, from the inaugural Grand American Fish Rodeo at Adado Riverfront Park in downtown Lansing. Listen to the full two-hour special here.

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