Current State #139 | August 8, 2013

Aug 8, 2013

Today on Current State: low voter turnout in Lansing; Medicaid reimbursement; climate change and violence; and musician Lee Murdock.

Courtesy/City of Lansing

Tuesday was primary election day in Lansing.

Voters decided Mayoral and city council candidates for November’s general election.  In Haslett, voters approved a $10-million sinking fund for school building maintenance.

A predictable feature of many primaries is low voter turnout.  Tuesday in Lansing was no exception.

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The Affordable Care Act, often known as Obamacare, is well underway across the USA.

In Michigan, debate continues over expanding Medicaid coverage to thousands more people.

The link between climate change and violence

Aug 8, 2013
Courtesy/Solomon M. Hsiang

On June 25, President Obama released a comprehensive plan to fight climate change.

The plan pointed out that last year was the warmest year on record for our country. While the efforts to fight against climate change continues, researchers seem to have found another reason to prevent climate change: violence.

Courtesy/Lee Murdock

The Great Lakes Folk Festival starts Friday night in East Lansing.

This long-time mid-Michigan event features traditional arts, dance, culture and music from around the world. WKAR’s Current State will broadcast live from the festival Friday at 6 p.m.