Retailers push internet sales tax

May 8, 2013

There’s movement in both Lansing and Washington D.C. toward what many call a “leveling of the playing field” regarding sales taxes.  A pair of measures dubbed “The Main Street Fairness” bill is currently being debated in the Michigan House.  The proposal would collect a 6% Michigan sales tax on purchases from out of state internet retailers at the point of sale. And on Monday, the U.S. Senate widely approved a measure that would empower states to do just that.

Michigan Historical Commission celebrates centennial

May 8, 2013

A little known state agency is celebrating an important milestone today.  The Michigan Historical Commission is holding its 100th anniversary meeting in Lansing.  The commission is the group responsible for the more than 1,700 green and gold historic markers scattered across the state.  It’s also heavily involved in the ongoing sesquicentennial of Michigan’s role in the Civil War.  The chair of the Michigan Historical Commision, Jack Dempsey, spoke with Current State host Mark Bashore about the importance of preserving Michigan’s history.

Courtesy/Ingham County

In a speech Monday night at a law enforcement memorial held at the state Capitol, longtime Ingham County Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth decried the political influence and budget cuts on law enforcement. Sheriff Wriggelsworth spoke with Current State host Mark Bashore about the effects of downsizing police departments.

Neighbors in Action: First Book

May 8, 2013

Our weekly Neighbors in Action segment features people and organizations working to make our community a better place. This week, we feature a new organization: the Greater Lansing chapter of First Book. It’s a non-profit that offers new books to children in need. Board chairperson Jeremiah Rivera and chair-elect Paul Harmon spoke with Current State host Mark Bashore.