Republicans in the Michigan legislature are pursuing change at the state’s Court of Claims.  That’s the judicial body that decides legal actions against the state.

Michigan looks to expand mental health courts

May 17, 2013

Earlier this month, a group of House Republican lawmakers introduced a four-bill package that would create a permanent system of mental health treatment courts in Michigan.

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Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette is taking the state’s ban on affirmative action to the U.S. Supreme Court. Schuette filed paperwork Thursday asking the high court to take the case.  

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A U.S. Supreme Court decision banning automatic life sentences for juveniles does not apply to those already serving in Michigan.  

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Some universities in Michigan say they're taking a wait-and-see approach on how to proceed a day after a federal appeals court threw out the state's voter-approved ban on affirmative action in college admissions.

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The U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has struck down Michigan’s voter-approved ban on race-based affirmative action in state university admissions and public employment. 

A court has ruled the former assistant attorney general who was fired for harassing a gay student leader at the University of Michigan is entitled to unemployment benefits.

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Judges on a Michigan Court of Appeals panel say state lawmakers should figure out how to comply with a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on so-called “juvenile lifers.”

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The Michigan Supreme Court heard arguments Thursday on the future of medical marijuana dispensaries and growing cooperatives.

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The state Senate Judiciary Committee opens hearings Tuesday on a plan to fix Michigan’s public defender system.

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The Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled unconstitutional a state law forcing school employees to pay 3% of their salary toward retiree health care.

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The state appeals court is siding with a group that opposes the expansion of casino gambling in Michigan.

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A battle over how Republicans in the Michigan House of Representatives count votes was argued Wednesday before the state Court of Appeals.

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A ruling last week by the U.S. Supreme Court has confusing repercussions for a recent court decision in Lansing.  The high court ruled that laws like Michigan’s that sometimes mandate life sentences for juveniles found guilty of serious crimes are unconstitutional.

In January, a jury found 15-year old Charles Lewis Junior of Lansing guilty of accomplice to murder, a felony. WKAR’ Mark Bashore spoke with Ingham County Judge George Economy to clarify how the ruling impacts Lewis’ sentence.     

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The Michigan Court of Appeals says the state Department of Human Services can cut off cash assistance welfare benefits to people who hit the federal time limit – even if they have time remaining on their state benefits.