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12:44 pm
Fri March 6, 2015

Brighton charter school flap demonstrates public-private tension

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Last weekend in Brighton, Michigan, an opponent of a proposed charter school in that community was arrested. His infraction was his refusal to leave an  “invitation only” meeting involving charter school supporters. Michigan charter schools receive public funding amounting to  nearly $1-billion a year and are subject to oversight by the Michigan Department of Education. Glenn Ikens insists that as a Brighton resident and a taxpayer, it entitles him to attend such meetings.

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Radio Made in Michigan
1:30 pm
Mon January 26, 2015

Two views on school choice in Michigan

Lansing-area educators are observing National Schools Choice Week.
Credit WKAR File Photo

Educators across the country are hosting discussions in conjunction with National School Choice Week.

There are a number of events in the Lansing area, including the screening of a documentary on school choice at the Capitol on Tuesday morning. That event is sponsored by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, which bills itself as a nonpartisan research and educational institute based in Midland. 

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11:00 am
Tue December 9, 2014

Charter school advocate: judge MI authorizers on performance

Many in Michigan’s charter school community are crying foul over a recent report that criticizes the state’s charter school authorizers. Authorizers of charter schools are educational institutions, often colleges, whose responsibility is to ensure oversight, accountability and adequate performance.

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12:23 pm
Tue September 2, 2014

Charter authorizers get proactive with new standards

Credit Flickr - Liz

Michigan’s charter school authorizers have been in the news a lot recently. They’re the roughly 40 institutions, often colleges, that ensure oversight and accountability at the state’s 300 publicly funded charter schools. About 130,000 young people will attend a charter school in Michigan in the 2014-2015 school year.

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12:25 pm
Wed August 13, 2014

Charter school authorizer alleges secret evaluation process

Jared Burkhart says the system currently implemented by Superintendent Flanagan does not follow current law.
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Michigan’s charter school operators are coming under closer scrutiny. On Monday, State Schools Superintendent Michael Flanagan released a list of 11 charter school authorizers that he says need to improve oversight of their schools.

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3:17 pm
Fri August 1, 2014

Charter school exec: Free Press got nothing right

Quisenberry says charter schools will continue to be an important part of the public education landscape in Michigan.
Credit Flickr - Francesco Sighieri

Michigan education stakeholders met with state officials this week, including Superintendent Michael Flanagan. Discussions included toughening the oversight of the state’s charter schools. On Monday, Flanagan met with charter school authorizers.

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12:59 pm
Tue July 29, 2014

Charter school official addresses accountability and transparency

Central Michigan University is Michigan's largest university charter school authorizer, and one of the nation's largest.

Several Michigan charter school authorizers from around the state journeyed to Lansing yesterday. They met with state schools Superintendent Michael Flanagan about more vigorous oversight of the state’s charter schools. 

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2:36 pm
Fri June 27, 2014

Dem legislator says more oversight needed for MI charter schools

Rep. Ellen Cogen Lipton (D-Huntington Woods)

For over a week, The Detroit Free Press has been exploring the impact of Michigan’s two decades with charter schools. 

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12:56 pm
Tue June 24, 2014

Free Press' charter school review triggers varied reactions

Amber Arellano and Brian Shaughnessy discuss transparency and other issues at the heart of the charter school debate.
Credit Flickr - Sarah Razak

The tension between advocates of traditional and charter schools in Michigan has intensified. That’s because of recent stories in the Detroit Free Press which raise serious doubts about the operation and oversight of the state’s nearly 400 charter schools.

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