Visiting media researcher advocates less violence in videos

EAST LANSING, MI – A noted media researcher is calling for less violence in video games to help children avoid anti-social and violent behavior. This week, Michigan State University is hosting a conference on consumer culture and its impact on children.

Dr. Dafna Lemisch is a presenter at the conference and a Professor of Communication at Tel Aviv University. Lemisch says today's video games combine two destructive features---intensity and interactivity:

"You've got all the violence in front of you and you are the one actually engaged in doing it and you have the power to be involved in it," she says. "I think we're moving to a completely different level."

Lemisch says violent media desensitizes young people which can lead to anti-social and violent behavior. Other conference participants say the public exaggerates the impact of violence in consumer culture. They say that young people naturally seek images of danger and violence as part of their development.