Suze Orman, Doc Martin, Earthflight, Magic - TV Specials Ahead!

May 30, 2014


Your favorites and more special TV shows are in store for you from WKAR over the next few days -- and each offers great thank-you gifts when you watch and call or Give Now to WKAR.

Some highlights include:

  • Suze Orman's Financial Solutions for You | Sat. 2:30pm & Sun. 2pm
  • Doc Martin | Sat. 9pm & Sun. 7pm
  • Lent at Ephesus | Sun 10am & Tue 10p
  • Earthflight - A Nature Special Presentation | Sun. 8pm
  • Magic Moments: 50s Pop & 60s Pop Rock and Soul | Mon 8p
  • Ed Sullivan's Rock & Roll Classics | Tue 8p

WKAR brings the world into your home every day. We hope that makes WKAR worth your support. As you enjoy these specials and more in the days ahead, please call with your pledge or Give Now Online.

Thanks for supporting quality TV for mid-Michigan!

P.S.: Consider becoming an Evergreen Partner -- your gift will automatically renew each year, just as our commitment to providing great TV continues year after year.