Supporters of endangered farm picket lender

St. Johns, MI – Supporters of a well-known mid-Michigan attraction are coming to its aid. As the Crosby Mint Farm faces foreclosure, a small group is protesting the lender that controls the deed.


Jim and Linette Crosby have until August 14 to repay the $300,000 they owe East Lansing-based GreenStone Farm Credit Services. The Crosbys say they're frustrated with GreenStone's refusal to renegotiate, despite the siblings' willingness to work with them.

Dawn Pizzoferrato supports the Crosbys. She's picketing outside GreenStone's St. Johns office.

"I understand that they're within their legal limits to do what they're doing but there's a big space between legal and lawful and moral," Pizzoferrato says. "And the fact that they're going to take the farm on August 14, the first day of the annual mint festival."

GreenStone officials say federal regulations prohibit them from speaking directly about the case. But in a written statement, the company says its "committed to continuing to create long-term relationships that have a lasting positive impact in the business and personal lives" of its customers.