Support Building In Lansing To Change High School Graduation Requirements

Apr 26, 2013

A plan to change Michigan’s high school graduation requirements could be sent to the state House floor as early as next week.

As The Michigan Public Radio Network’s Jake Neher reports, some Democrats are starting to embrace a few of the proposals.

Representative Ellen Lipton is the top Democrat on the House Education Committee. She says some changes are coming to one of the bills that could lead her to vote ‘yes.’ That bill is aimed promoting curricula designed for individual students.

But she says she still can’t support another bill in the package that would get rid of foreign language requirements and change math standards.

“To me, just to flat-out say, ‘these are no longer requirements,’ I think that that’s way too drastic,”   she says.

Lipton says the state’s current graduation requirements have led to higher student achievement and graduation rates.

Many Republicans in Lansing say they push students away from art, music, and vocational training.