Stupak decides against gov run


Upper Peninsula Congressman Bart Stupak says he will not seek the Democratic nomination for governor and will, instead, seek re-election to his House seat.

Stupak was never officially in the race, but he acknowledged he was considering a run. Stupak faced a few hurdles in a statewide Democratic primary where the party's liberal base is often decisive. Stupak is from the more conservative wing of his party. He is strongly protective of gun rights and is opposed to abortion. He earned the wrath of the pro-choice movement by sponsoring an amendment to ensure a national health care plan would not cover abortions. In a written statement, Stupak says he will seek a 10th term representing the Upper Peninsula and northern Michigan in Congress. If he had run and won, Stupak would have been the first Michigan governor from the U-P since Chase Osborn was elected 100 years ago.