State Republicans Urge Lawmakers To Change How Michigan Gives Out Electoral Votes

Feb 25, 2013

Michigan Republicans said this weekend they want to change the course of future presidential races by changing how the state allocates its electoral votes. Delegates to the state GOP convention voted overwhelmingly to support the proposal.

Credit File photo / WKAR

Michigan Republicans want to join Nebraska and Maine to become the third state to portion out electoral votes by congressional district.

State Representative Pete Lund pushed the plan to GOP convention delegates over the weekend.

“We don’t have attention of presidential candidates," Lund says. "And if we change to a system like those two, we’ll become more relevant in the system.”

Democrats say it’s an attempt to rig the system in favor of Republicans. If the state used the model in 2012, Mitt Romney would have won a majority of Michigan’s electoral votes. That’s despite losing the popular vote in the state.

Lund introduced a bill to change the system last year. But it never won support from either party.