State House Takes Aim At Scrap Metal Thieves

Oct 31, 2013

Bills meant to crack down on scrap metal theft in Michigan are one step closer to becoming law.

The state House approved the legislation Thursday with overwhelming bi-partisan support.

The Michigan Public Radio Network’s Jake Neher has more.

State lawmakers have been working on the bills for more than two years. They would require scrap dealers to wait three days before paying for certain items that are commonly stolen. The bills would also require more paperwork for scrap metal sales.

Representative Kevin Cotton was among a handful of Republicans that voted against the legislation. He says there are already good laws in place to prevent metal theft – they’re just not enforced.

“We’re really putting the good actors through some additional challenges,” he says.  “And the bad actors, without enforcement, are going to continue to do what they’re going to continue to do.”

The bills now go to the state Senate.