Snyder: Thaw And Freeze A Concern Post Polar Vortex

Jan 7, 2014

Many Michigan schools will remain closed Wednesday for a third day due to cold temperatures and sidewalks blocked by snow.

And, as we hear from The Michigan Public Radio Network’s Rick Pluta, officials are already looking ahead to problems that could come when temperatures start to lift.

Many communities temporarily lifted sidewalk ordinances to discourage people from risking the cold. Temperatures are expected to return to what’s normal for the season in the next day or two.

Governor Rick Snyder says now he’s concerned about what could come with the weekend, when some parts of the state could see a chilly thaw.

“…because it could warm enough and there’s forecasted rain, for example, that could cause icy conditions, freezing, water again” he says.  “Literally, there could be concerns of flooding in some cases.”

The governor says plowing and salting will continue, and more Michigan State Police troopers have been deployed to areas that have had a lot of accidents.