Snyder: Public Act 4 Rewrite Could Happen This Week

Dec 3, 2012

Governor Rick Snyder and legislative leaders are talking about a possible replacement to the emergency manager law that was rejected by voters nearly a month ago. The governor says he’d like to see it done before the Legislature wraps up its “lame duck” session.

The Michigan Capitol.
Credit File photo / WKAR

Governor Snyder says a new law would have to respect voters’ decision that the old emergency manager law was too sweeping.  

Under one version being discussed, local governments in financial trouble could ask the state for an emergency manager – otherwise, they would face the prospect of federal bankruptcy. The governor says he’s still working out details with Republican leaders in the Legislature.

“I’m not sure when I would expect to see something passed," Snyder says. "I would think it could be possible to see what the legislation looks like sometime in the next week.”

Despite the referendum, eight cities and school districts remain under state management. That’s being challenged in court.