Snyder Foes To Launch Second Recall Attempt

Apr 9, 2012

A group that wants to oust Governor Rick Snyder will launch its second effort to collect enough signatures to put a recall question on the November ballot. It will go before an election commission Monday, looking for permission to let the petition drive go forward.

The group Michigan Rising gathered half a million signatures last year, but that was well short of the 800,000 names of registered voters needed to put a recall question on the ballot. The group will ask an elections panel in Washtenaw County – where the governor lives – to approve its petition. By law, the panel may only rule on whether the petition clearly states the reasons for the recall. Michigan Rising cites the state’s emergency manager law and cuts to school funding as the reasons to recall the governor. If the petition is approved, the recall campaign will have six months to gather signatures. Governor Snyder’s spokesman says he is focused on his on his job and expects this recall effort, like the one before it, will fail because people will see he is making tough, but, necessary choices.