Snyder Cheers Ruling Dismissing Bankruptcy Lawsuits

Jul 24, 2013

Governor Rick Snyder says he’s pleased a federal judge has taken control of lawsuits challenging the Detroit bankruptcy filing.

Michigan Public Radio’s Rick Pluta reports the governor says the decision will make the process simpler and quicker.

Governor Snyder broke into a grin when he got news of the ruling.

   “Good!” (laughs)

The governor says the decision means the already-complex bankruptcy process won’t be further complicated by a slew of lawsuits.

“This allows us to go to bankruptcy court, have one judge to deal with in an effective, thoughtful way,” he says.

Detroit employees, retirees, and city pension funds all filed lawsuits saying the governor should not have authorized the bankruptcy filing. They say he is bound by protections in the Michigan Constitution for public employee pension benefits. They say that was a question of state law that should have been decided in the state’s courts.