Snyder: 2012 not the time for right to work


A law signed Wednesday makes Indiana the first right-to-work state in the industrial Midwest. That has stirred discussions in Michigan on the topic. And - as we hear from Michigan Public Radio Network's Rick Pluta -- Governor Rick Snyder was asked for his thoughts on right to work as he testified in Washington D.C. before a congressional committee.

The question was posed by an Indiana lawmaker. Governor Snyder did not rule out Michigan becoming a right-to-work state sometime in the future, but says that debate should not take place in 2012.

"We have many problems in Michigan that are much more pressing - that I want to find common ground issues that we can work together on before we get into divisive issues," he says.

The governor says roads, public transit, and connecting the chronically unemployed to jobs are all higher priorities.

But Republican state Representative Mike Shirkey says having a right-to-work state next door in Indiana could force the governor and the Legislature to confront the question.

"I am dismayed by the fact that they beat us to it, but I am happy to have the additional help," he says.

Shirkey says he hopes to have a right-to-work bill introduced before the Legislature begins its spring break in May.