Senator Wants To Allow Concealed Guns In MI Schools

Jan 28, 2013

A Republican state lawmaker says he’ll soon make another attempt soon to relax restrictions on concealed guns in schools. That’s after Governor Rick Snyder vetoed a measure last year that would have allowed teachers, parents and visitors to carry concealed weapons in schools.

Michigan's Capitol building.
Credit File photo / WKAR

State Senator Mike Green says he wants to re-open discussions on potentially allowing concealed weapons in places where they are now banned. One of those places is schools.

Green says he recognizes many school officials disagree with him that concealed pistol holders in schools could fend off dangerous situations. But he says schools that want to allow it should be able to…

“Let each local board make the decision for themselves on what they want to do on that," Green says. Green says he could introduce his bill as soon as this week.

There is some question on whether people with concealed gun permits may openly carry in schools. Governor Snyder says he’s open to considering the idea – but re-working Michigan’s gun laws is not a high priority for him.