Senate to vote on tax credit extension for Wixom, but nothing more

LANSING, MI – The state Senate is expected to vote this week to extend tax credits for a plan to turn a shuttered Ford plant in Wixom into a green technology center.

The Republican-controlled Senate agrees with the Democratic House that the deal is a good use of tax credits. But the House turned down a Senate bill last week that called for more transparency with the Michigan Economic Development Corportation.

State Senator Nancy Cassis says there needs to be more oversight with the MEDC, especially after the group blew through a year's worth of tax credits in six months.

Cassis says, "We firmly believe House Democrats can no longer avoid this at all, because I think there will be an outcry; 'Why are you hiding from public disclosure of your economic arm? What are you trying to keep secret?'"

The House would like to extend tax credits for the MEDC so the group can continue to bring new jobs into the state through the rest of the year. Cassis says the Senate won't pass anymore credit extensions that do not include increased oversight.