Senate Republicans further delay legislation

Lansing, MI – Lansing, MI (MPRN) - Michigan Senate Republicans put drug company immunity legislation on the backburner Tuesday, delaying action until October.

State Senate Democrats say the G-O-P was showing cowardice by further delaying a vote on the legislation. The bills would repeal the law protecting pharmaceutical companies from being sued over F-D-A-approved drugs.

But Republicans say Democrats are playing partisan games when they should be focused on budget issues and a collapsing auto industry. State Senator Alan Cropsey: "If there is any industry that has defined Michigan at it's very core, it's been the automobile industry. And we have a very serious, very serious situation on our hands. The future of the state of Michigan--as we have known it--is going to be changing dramatically."

Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop says a repeal of the drug company immunity law would push more businesses out of the state, and cause more job losses.