Schor, Clarke Advance to Lansing Mayoral Race in November

Aug 9, 2017

Democrats Andy Schor and Judi Brown Clarke will face each other in November in a contest that will decide which one will become the next mayor of Lansing.

Schor, who represents Michigan's 68th House district, secured a commanding 68 percent of the vote.

City council member Clarke garnered 23 percent.

Schor says he believes his vision of better roads, job growth and strong neighborhoods and schools resonated with voters.

"I talked about leadership style and the need for getting rid of some of the divisiveness and really working with others to really advance Lansing," he says.  "I'm excited to be part of its continual improvement and growth."

Clarke is a former Olympic medalist who's served on the Lansing city council since 2014.  She also emphasized neighborhood development and job growth during her primary campaign, as well as crime prevention.

"I really love being in a position of building and growing and supporting my community," she says.  "I've really enjoyed this both as a city council person and now running for mayor.  I've got the bug!"

Andy Schor and Judi Brown Clarke will face each other in the general election in Lansing Nov. 7.