Recent MSU grad tries out for LPGA

Aug 14, 2014

Yushira Budhram was a member of the Michigan State University Women's Golf 2013-2014 team. She is now preparing for the LPGA qualifying tournament that takes place in two weeks.

Summer is the time of year when newly minted college graduates are pounding the pavement to grab that first job of their careers. One Michigan State University graduate is trampling a much softer surface: the fairway. 

In about two weeks, Yushira Budhram will compete in the Ladies Pro Golf Qualifying Tournament in Rancho Mirage, California. Budhram is from India by way of South Africa. She dreams of going pro one day, so you might call the toughest event of her life thus far a job interview. 

Yushira Budhram joins us from Orlando, Florida to tell us about her international journey from South Africa to East Lansing and into the world of professional golf.