Race To The Top application gets ready for Washington

LANSING, MI – The state Department of Education is expected to put the final touches in comint weeks on an application to the federal government for "Race To The Top" education-reform funds. Lawmakers at the state Capitol approved a package of major education reforms over the weekend that will allow Michigan to compete with other states for $400 million.

House Speaker Andy Dillon says the reforms put Michigan in good standing to win the money.

"I think we've got a great deal, I think it's a lot of bipartisan support, so we think it does exactly what we need to do to be very competitive for those funds," Dillon says.

The bills go to Governor Granholm, who says she will sign them. The legislation would target the state's worst-performing schools, and evaluate teachers' performances based on their students' test scores.

The Department of Education must submit the application for "Race To The Top" by January 19th.