Proposal 5 Files Complaint That Snyder Campaigns On Public’s Dime

Oct 10, 2012

A ballot campaign has filed an elections complaint against Governor Rick Snyder. It says he’s using his official website and other state resources illegally to campaign against the proposal.

Matt Davis is an attorney for the Proposal 5 campaign. That’s the one to require super-majority votes for the Legislature to raise taxes. Davis says Governor Snyder has posted videos to his official webpage, used staff time, and other public resources to campaign against the ballot question. “If this were his opponent and this were a gubernatorial race, and he were using the state website, he’d get the same kind of complaint," Davis says. "It would be the same kind of clear violation.” The complaint was filed with the Michigan Secretary of State. A violation is punishable by a fine of a thousand dollars or a year in jail. Governor Snyder – who is a licensed attorney – says he’s on solid legal ground -- and will continue to campaign for the emergency manager law and against the five proposed amendments to the state constitution on the November ballot.