"Personal Curriculums" part of Race to the Top

LANSING, MI – Sophomores in Michigan's high schools will soon be able to alter their graduation requirements if they struggle to pass math courses.

The "Personal Curriculum" is a small measure not often discussed in a large package of reforms approved by the state Legislature. That's because it didn't deal with big, controversial issues such as charter schools or the drop-out age.

But state Representative Doug Geiss says he hopes "Personal Curriculum" helps raise the state's graduation rate.

"The goal is that you look at what the issues that the student is facing after they fail courses and get them back on track so they can successfully complete," Geiss says.

The measure draws back the number of required math credits students must receive before altering their course work on the path to graduation. And it allows a teacher to intervene and suggest a student find a new path to complete their coursework.