Parents, school officials rally at Capitol


About 800 parents, teachers, and school administrators were at the state Capitol Tuesday to demand more money for K-12 education. They are opposed to a new round of cuts to schools that are scheduled to begin later this month.

Some high-spending school districts are facing cuts as large as $600 per student. Governor Granholm vetoed the money because she says there's a shortfall in the school aid fund if the Legislature does not come up with more money for education. Schools also face another round of cuts beginning next month.

Suzanne Fellows is the president of an elementary school PTA in Farmington. Fellows says the Legislature has a lot of options to solve the school funding crisis.

"That's their job to create a solution to the problem," she says. "That's their job."

School administrators and PTAs organized the rally to call attention to the crisis --and to call on the Legislature and Governor Granholm to come up with short-term and long-term solutions to stabilize school funding.