Panel advises that turbines should be locally governed


A panel appointed Governor Granholm says there should not be statewide rules governing the location of land-based wind turbines that generate electricity.

Members of the Michigan Wind Energy Resources Board delivered their recommendations to the state House Energy and Technology Committee.

Representative Jeff Mayes chairs the committee. He says it makes sense to leave decisions on wind turbines - such as how far they need to be from other structures --with local governments.

"And it's my hope that communities and I've talked to many communities around Michigan would look for a way to incorporate green energy, whether that's solar, whether that's wind in their communities going forward," he says.

Mayes says that does not mean just large turbines, but also smaller solar panels and wind generators on homes and offices.

A separate commission is examining possible rules that would govern the location of wind turbines off the Great Lakes shoreline. Its recommendations are due later this month.