MSU Unveils $1.4-million Renovation Of MSU Union

Jan 15, 2013

The MSU Union Building opened in 1924, and over the years there have been several renovations.

A $1.4-million dollar project will be dedicated today, sprucing the Union up for another generation of MSU students.

We've got two of the tables that seniors used to carve their names into when they were graduating. Kat Cooper

Dedication events at the renovated MSU Union are from 4 to 7 p-m today. There will be a live webcast of the ceremonies.

WKAR’s Scott Pohl took a look around with Kat Cooper, Communications Manager with Residential and Hospitality Services at MSU, starting in the Spartan Spirit Shop. The shop is less cramped now, and the colors have been updated.

In the main lounge, the art and the fireplace you might recall remain, and a couple of tables seniors used to carve their names into remain (with glass protecting the wood), but the furnishings and carpet have been updated.

There's a platform that can utilized as a stage for performances. At slower times there are more tables and chairs on that platform.

On the concourse, you'll find new soft seating that can be moved for sales and other activities.

There's a Sparty's convenience store, and the Biggby Coffee location has expanded.

The seating area of the food court was renovated about five years ago, so that has been left alone, but improvements have been made to the food vendor storefronts.

On the lower level, the bowling alley remains, but the barber shop has closed. The MSU Multicultural Center there will move to the second floor as part of a future renovation of the MSU Union.