MSU releases labor deal details

East Lansing, MI – Michigan State University employees would see no pay increase this year under a tentative agreement between their unions and the university.

The four-year deal includes a 1% lump sum payment and a 1% base pay raise next year. There would be 2% raises in the third and fourth years of the deal.

Health care costs would also go up. Individuals would have a $100 deductible on health care expenses. The deductible would be $200 for a family. There also would be higher co-pays for visits to doctors offices and emergency rooms.

MSU Coalition of Labor Organizations chairman Wayne Cass says the emergency room co-pay won't always be charged.

"If you go the emergency room and you have an injury or you're admitted, or you have the signs and symptoms that a reasonable layperson would believe that they're an imminent health risk, that deductible is waived," he says.

All nine unions must approve the deal for it to take effect. Voting will be held over the next several weeks. Results will be announced February 5.