MSU and U-M students come together on education funding

Lansing, MI – Students from Michigan State University and the University of Michigan will hold a joint news conference at the Capital in Lansing Thursday. They're concerned about budget proposals that call for the elimination of the state scholarships and cuts to college funding.

State legislators haven't passed a budget yet, but they're looking to cut the Michigan Promise scholarship program and general appropriations for colleges and universities.

Kyle Dysarz is with the student government at MSU. "We want the lawmakers to know the impact their decisions have on us college students and their families and then we want the families and students to know that we need to come together unite on this the way that we are. I mean how often will you see you know Michigan State and the University of Michigan collaborate on something, you know?" he says.

The student government at MSU is also circulating a petition on the internet to college students statewide. It asks legislators to resolve the budget deficit without cutting funding for higher education.