Michigan movie industry rallies to protect tax credit

LANSING, MI – Actors, producers, directors and other supporters of Michigan's film tax credit gathered at the steps of the state Capitol Tuesday morning.

Capping or eliminating the tax credit is an option floating around Lansing as lawmakers struggle to cut spending and balance the state budget.

Democratic state Senator Gilda Jacobs joined the rally and held up a sign distributed to crowd.

"This is probably the most important sign I've seen out there - 'I Live In Michigan, I Want To Work In Michigan,'" she said. "We have to keep the brain-drain from continuing, we have to make sure that our young, talented people stay in Michigan and that we attract new, young, talented people to live and stay in Michigan."

Those who would like to see the tax break eliminated say it costs the state too much money for temporary jobs in the film industry. They say that money could be used to cut taxes for businesses that are already in Michigan.