Michigan looks to finalize K-12 budget

LANSING, MI – State lawmakers hope to finalize the K-through-12 schools budget Thursday evening.

Officials say millions of federal dollars are on the line, and some form of a budget must be passed this week to make sure schools continue to get checks.

Democratic state Representative George Cushingberry chairs the House Appropriations Committee. He says if the cuts made to schools are too deep for lawmakers to approve, it's time to find new revenue.

"Somebody sold the people of this state and this country the idea that if you cut taxes you're going to expand economic opportunity and you could just keep cutting them, and if you keep cutting them you're going to take in more money," he says. "Balderdash. Poppycock."

The committee approved a new liquor license bars would be able to purchase to serve alcohol until 4 A.M.

Democrats in Lansing hope to raise $400 million in new revenue to fund some programs cut from the budget last week.