MI policy group reviews year in transportation

Dec 10, 2013

Trans4M supports statewide investment in non-motorized transportation and helps local governments implement Complete Streets policies.
Credit http://trans4m.org/

Listening to Michigan’s elected officials, it might be easy to assume that the only transportation issue facing the state is road funding.   Indeed, there is agreement that road funding is particularly important, but it’s just one of several  priorities for Trans4M, or "Transportation for Michigan".

Other Trans4M priorities include more widespread commuter rail, a revitalized regional transportation in southeast Michigan and re-prioritizing how important transportation funding is spent.

Tim Fischer is a member of Trans4M and also the deputy policy director at the Michigan environmental council.

Trans4M just released a review of Michigan transportation developments in 2013.  Fischer says on a local level there has been considerable progress on transportation issues this year, but funding solutions remain elusive at the state level.