MI legislative leaders say reforms must top SoS speech


Governor Granholm delivers her eighth and final State of the State address Wednesday night to a joint session of the Michigan Legislature. After that, it's up to lawmakers to determine the future of her 2010 agenda.

The relationship between the governor and lawmakers over the last seven years has often been rocky. The result has been frequent deadlocks that have blocked timely completion of the budget and enacting reforms.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop has been the governor's chief nemesis. But Bishop says he'd like this year to be different.

"I would hope that she puts a really bold plan on the table that addresses the current budget crisis, the one-point-seven billion dollar budget crisis, but also gives us some hope that we will be able to position Michigan for the future," he says.

But Bishop says the governor would have a tough time selling new taxes -- especially without big spending cuts.

Democratic House Speaker Andy Dillon says he'll also be listening for signals that the governor is serious about enacting reforms that will save taxpayers money and help avert future budget crises.