MI lawmakers say they have a deal on teacher retirement


State lawmakers are expected to meet late Thursday to put the final touches on a proposal to encourage veteran teacher and school employees to retire. Negotiations between House Democrats and Senate Republicans have been going on for weeks.

Lawmakers say they have finally reached a deal on the plan to sweeten a retirement offer for veteran teachers and school employees. Democratic House Speaker Andy Dillon says the plan is necessary to save money as schools face big budget cuts for the coming fiscal year.

"I mean we got to work it I think, but I think the message is without getting this done you're not going to have a K-12 budget that you want to vote for, so it's the lesser of two evils for some of my members," he says. "I personally think it's a good reform that should be done."

It's been a rough debate between the House, Senate and Governor Granholm's office to reach a deal. Some lawmakers are still unhappy, and the state's largest teachers union opposes the agreement as well.