MI Democrats call for Consumer Protection legislation

State House Democrats say current regulations don't go far enough to protect consumers from bad business practices. The state House is expected to approve legislation this week that would make the Michigan Consumer Protection Act more stringent.

Democratic state Senator Gretchen Whitmer says the Republican-led state Senate should take the legislation up as well. She says all politicians run on campaigns of protecting people and attracting businesses.

"You know, we are going into an election year, for better or worse," she says. "Maybe this type of legislation will propel us to find some common ground on those two principals."

Whitmer sponsored consumer-protection legislation that has been stagnant in the Senate for several months. Those who oppose the bills say it could discourage businesses from coming to Michigan. And with the Legislature focused this week on education reform, it is unlikely that leaders in the Senate will even consider discussing the matter until after the New Year.