MI Class of 2011 first to graduate under new curriculum


The high school class of 2011 will be the first group of students to graduate under Michigan's new curriculum signed into law four years ago. Governor Granholm used her weekly radio address to discuss the importance of the more challenging new standards.

Governor Granholm says the curriculum is an important step to diversifying Michigan's economy with an educated workforce. But she says it's only the first step in many reforms necessary to make major improvements.

"Although reforms are important to ensuring a quality education, it's also critical that there be no more cuts to K-12 education," she says. "I've made this clear to the Legislature. I will not sign a budget that cuts school funding."

The state Senate approved a budget proposal that further reduces per-pupil funding for K-12 schools. But GOP leaders in the Senate say schools won't lose money. They say cost-saving measures will fill holes in local school budgets.