Memorial service held for anti-abortion activist

OWOSSO, MI – A memorial service was held Wednesday in Owosso for anti-abortion activist James Pouillon. Pouillon was shot to death last Friday across the street from Owosso High School.

About 300 friends, family and fellow anti-abortion activists gathered at a football field in Owosso to pay their final respects to Pouillon. Pouillon was a Vietnam vet, a retired auto worker, and, for at least the past 20 years, an anti-abortion activist. Police say it was the signs that he carried, showing graphic images of aborted fetuses, that angered his killer.

Pouillon's friend Dan Brewer came to pay his respects. "Jim was the most known man in Shiawasee County and probably amongst the most hated because of the ugliness of the pictures that he held. I wouldn't necessarily say it was political, but it was definitely because he was unliked because of what he did," Brewer says.

33-year old Harlan Drake has been charged with first degree murder in the fatal shooting of Pouillon and another man, Mike Fuoss, who was killed at his gravel company near Owosso.