Mayor Bernero to file for gubernatorial exploratory committee


Lansing mayor Virg Bernero will file with the Secretary of State this week to form a gubernatorial exploratory committee.

AUDIO: Filing to form an exploratory committee allows Bernero to formally begin seeking support and money for a possible bid for the democratic nomination for governor.

After spending Christmas with his family, Bernero says he plans to get started right away.

"I will be making the calls," Bernero says, "making the outreach, and beginning in earnest, because there is a lot to do, and I'm dedicated to Michigan. I love this state."

Bernero was re-elected mayor by Lansing voters in November.

Lieutenant governor John Cherry is hoping to move up to the governor's office next year. House Speaker Andy Dillon, State representative Alma Wheeler Smith, former state representative John Freeman, and MSU trustee George Perles are also either running or considering a run for the democratic nomination.