Masterpiece: Mr. Selfridge

Mar 25, 2013

Sundays at 9 p.m., beginning March 31 | WKAR

Jeremy Piven

Entourage star and triple Emmy winner Jeremy Piven comes to Masterpiece in the new eight-part production Mr. Selfridge.

At the unfashionable end of Oxford Street in 1909 London, an American retail tycoon arrives to jettison fusty British tradition and open the biggest and finest department store the world has ever seen: Selfridges. Piven stars as Harry Gordon Selfridge, the flamboyant entrepreneur and showman seeking to provide London's shoppers with the ultimate merchandise and the ultimate thrill.

Emmy® Award-winning writer Andrew Davies (Pride and Prejudice, Bleak House) conjures the opulence and excitement of Selfridges and the story of its founder, a man of exuberant, outsized, and potentially dangerous, appetite.

Of course, it's more than the story of the department store. Behind the lavish windows and majestic doors, appetite intersects with ambition and desire not just for Harry, but for his staff, his family, and the various women drawn to the store and the man.

Look for intrigue, dalliances, and the kind of period fun that makes Masterpiece dramas so engaging. Also included in the cast are Zoe Tapper, Frances O'Connor, Grégory Fitoussi  and Aisling Loftus.