Loomis Supports Continuation Budget

EAST LANSING, MI – East Lansing Mayor Vic Loomis says he'd support a temporary state budget if lawmakers can't reach a final deal before October 1. Loomis and other elected leaders are worried about a Senate plan that owuld impose $163-million in shared revenue cuts.

Cities rely heavily on that funding to pay for vital services such as police and fire support. Loomis says East Lansing has a balanced budget and cash reserves because it protects basic needs.

"We've not done some things in order to ensure that we can keep a financially strong position within the city," he says. "Lansing has done the same thing. So I think that the local legislature has got to go back. They've got to figure out what the basics are. Start from the bottom and work up."

Loomis says the budget strain makes it more important for local governments to pool their resources and work for the good of the entire region. He says protecting emergency services is one of his highest priorities.