Legislature hopes to wrap up budget

LANSING, MI – The Legislature returns to the state Capitol Tuesday. Lawmakers and Governor Granholm have until the stroke of midnight Wednesday to wrap up work on the budget.

House Speaker Andy Dillon says he's confident that disagreements can be settled in the final budgets remaining. They cover Medicaid, human services, higher education, and roads and transportation.

Dillon says he's expecting a lot of work and a lot of hours to get budgets to Governor Granholm in time for her to sign them.

"I don't see a reason right now why we can't be done with all the budgets by the end of the day, so I'm feeling good," he says.

Once the budgets are done, the fight will turn to identifying revenue sources to restore some of the $1.2 billion in cuts. Dillon says he wants to restore the Michigan Promise college scholarship, money for local governments, and Medicaid. But Senate Republican leaders say they're making no promises if Dillon's plans call for tax increases.