Lawmakers say they'll work on fireworks bill

LANSING, MI – The debate over large fireworks that are currently illegal in Michigan continues at the state Capitol. The proposal from House Democrats would allow for the sale of larger fireworks in the state, but would exclude roadside tents and very small businesses from selling them.

Republican state Senator Alan Sanborn says that's not fair to those businesses, or to Michigan's big-box retailers that set up outdoor tents.

"It's not equitable," Sanborn says. "It creates almost a monopoly for the people who are benefited by the bill."

Sanborn says the only businesses that would benefit from the bill are out-of state fireworks retailers. And he says there are safety concerns that need to be addressed.

There does appear to be interest from the House and Senate to find consensus on the fireworks bill, but Sanborn says he doesn't think that will happen before this year's Independence Day. Most lawmakers agree Michigan could use the millions of dollars that leave the state every year for neighboring states that do sell larger fireworks.